The Nova Grow Ltd. Future



Our vision is to be the number one organic cannabis organization in the world.  The products and process innovation to market execution and everything in between, we are driven by a passion for quality, a commitment to the drive organic CANNABIS industry forward. We are committed, and above all else, providing medical and recreational cannabis consumers the best possible products. Our commitments are, have vision, look to be the best, and know that, if customers cannot find it, it does not exist. 


 In June 2016, Nova Grow Ltd. applied to be a License Producer. We do not want to be the profit driven Company or have to report massive profits to drive income to our company. Nova will be the first cannabis company in Canada to grow 100% organic. We will grow both both greenhouse and indoor and will always provide the best of Cannabis products. Continuing our firsts, we are the cannabis company that supports small business and our local economy.  We provide a standard concept of Compassionate Pricing to make medical cannabis affordable for patients, and we remain proud to continue supporting a patient’s right to grow at home. We want to be the first Canadian producer approved to export dried cannabis to parts of Asia, and our future wholly-owned Asian subsidiary will continue to offer an ever-increasing variety of products for sale through Asian pharmacies and legal markets. 

From our best of the best research at Nova Product Health Innovations, to our Canadian and Asian Hemp operations , we are proud of our accomplishments, and we are always looking for the next high quality product and best way to offer high quality Cannabis.

Our growth depends on your trust and we will always be eager to maintain that relationship.